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Make A Difference: Ethically Made Handwoven Bags

You are making a difference...

Our handcrafted rattan bags are sourced and woven in Northern Vietnam. By buying these bags you will be helping local artisans earn a fair living. Ethical shopping means your new bag carries real weight in the community.  We work with local Vietnamese artisan business owners to source products that quite literally improve lives.  You may walk away with a chic bag or basket to hit the beach this summer, but you leave behind better nutrition, health care and education for a family who needs it most. 

The Rattan Handbag made of 100% natural rattan popular in Vietnam. Vietnam is a country where is known for various types of straw. In which, seagrass, rattan,… are very popular. They have some general features such as durable and long-lasting material. In the past, Vietnamese people have used them to make many daily products to support their life. That why straw has both important value of economics and culture for local people.


These days we can see these handwoven bags all over the world. Here at The Mermaid HQ, we know that you appreciate how the local artisans captured the intricacy and brilliance of the Vietnamese craft. 


  • Always keep the product in a dry place, avoid high humidity
  •  When not in use, place the bag in a plastic bag with a hygroscopic package, not on the wall or floor
  • Additionally, If the product has stains/molds: wipe with a damp cloth. If stubborn, you can use a toothbrush with water to rinse and rub into the area. Then, let it dry, too.

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